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"It only takes a moment to send a kind thought"

Ms. Hunter has been like the beating heart of our school community, her consistent compassionate nature has touched the lives of students and staff alike….standing ovation….Encore!”   Teacher/2016


“Lauryn counsels children at our school with a variety of different needs. She is very intuitive and nurturing. The children love going to her program and they create a bond and learn new ways to communicate. She gives children the tools they can use to resolve conflicts in life. I am so grateful for her.”  Kindergarten teacher/ 2017


“I would like to recognize Lauryn Hunter for counseling activities where students acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to successful learning.”   First grade teacher/2017


“Lauryn Hunter is an extraordinary counselor. When she comes to the classroom for the students she works with, their faces light up with enormous smiles! She has an incredible ability to inspire and guide the children. She is always available to offer support to the teachers. She offers the teachers whatever they may need to reinforce what helps the students. When she comes into the classroom and facilitates group discussions, it helps the children immensely! She helps children be empathetic to others and express their feelings without aggression!”   Kindergarten teacher’s aide/2017



“As a counselor, Lauryn supports the children who are facing challenging experiences including traumatic family situations. She provides a safe, caring and comfortable environment in the therapy room to help resolve a child’s challenges through art therapy”   Teacher/ 2015


“Lauryn consistently goes out of her way to be a true member of our school community. She brings passion, love, and understanding in all that she does”   Principal/2015


“Ms. Hunter is truly an asset to our school. Though she may be at full capacity with her groups, she never turns any students away. The counseling she provides obviously makes a difference because there is always progress with students on her workload. She is always positive and always ready to help. I cannot imagine the school without her.”  School administrator/2017



“Ms. Hunter goes above and beyond for my child. In all of my conversations with her, I can see her passion and expertise shine through” Parent/2016



“Lauryn is amazing and natural. Children feel comfortable with her. The kids are always excited to go to her groups. Her creativity and knowledge create magic with the students she works with! We love Lauryn!”  Kindergarten teacher/2017


“Ms. Hunter consistently communicated with me and offered positive solutions for how best to support my child. She offered strategies on how best to introduce sensitive subjects/topics to my daughter as she transitioned into puberty and middle school.” Parent/2016



“Ms. Hunter is an excellent listener and a trusted colleague who goes above and beyond her job description for the benefit of the entire school environment. On occasion, she has even reached out to me personally when she noticed that I needed support or check-in of my own. I am grateful”  6th grade teacher/2016


“I had a very challenging fifth grade this year with many behavior issues and numerous peer relations problems. Ms. Hunter provided my students and myself council training and led our council sessions. Students could calmly vent and honestly express their opinions and feelings. Ms. Hunter has so many calming elements and had such a strong but nurturing presence that my class was truly affected and changed for the better” 5th grade teacher/2016



“I had a situation where several of my students told a boy in our class that they wanted to kill him. I immediately told the school principal and he told me to call Ms. Hunter. I was worried I would not know the best way to handle the sensitive situation, but Ms. Hunter came as soon as she could and helped my class with the crisis. She handled the event with thought, care, love, patience, and compassion and my class has never had anything like that ever happen again.”  2nd-grade teacher/ 2016



“Teaching 6th graders in an elementary school setting is an often difficult and stressful assignment. This year, in particular, I was faced with several new challenges including multiple children expressing thoughts of suicide due to depression or experiences at home. Without Ms. Hunter, there is no way I would have been able to support those students as effectively. Currently, those students have better peer relations, are more enthusiastic about school and home. Ms. Hunter’s work is invaluable and should be publicly commended.”  6th-grade teacher/ 2016



“Lauryn has worked throughout the year with several of my second-grade students, and they have benefited greatly from the nurturance and sense of security she gives them. She provides a safe place for children to come together and share and work through the problems they are dealing with.” 2nd grade teacher/2015



“Lauryn has the sunniest, most upbeat personality, making her an absolute pleasure to be around and work with. Our whole school is grateful and fortunate to have her with us.” Principal/2017


“Ms. Hunter helps children with disruptive behavior and various traumatic issues. She’s created an atmosphere of trust and children enjoy working with her. Teachers always feel welcome when they come to share their concerns or consult with her for professional advice.” 3rd grade teacher/2016

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