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Hunter Therapy Family Counseling

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 The play studio was designed to provide a safe therapeutic experience for children and families. Life can be stressful and learning how to navigate school and home can sometimes be a challenge for children. Our session goals are to increase your child's feelings vocabulary while improving social skills and self-esteem. This is accomplished by finding playful ways to discuss stressful situations. Each child is unique in their own way, and the studio is designed to meet all children's needs to find creative expression. Activities offered but not limited to art therapy, painting, sand-tray, athletic psychology, jewelry, and gardening.

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What is Art Therapy?


Art making stimulates creativity which can heal our mind, body and spirit. Hunter Therapy uses a verity of expressive therapies such as art, music, sand-tray, and aromatherapy as a therapeutic tool to help improve health, decrease anxiety and improve overall emotional wellness. 


Sometimes we don't have the words to express how we feel. When making art we can move energy and let go of unwanted big thoughts or feelings.


Art therapy is for all ages and uses a variety of supplies such as clay, markers, oils pastels, pencils, puppets, sand-tray or visual images.


Any form of creativity will produce healing and produce a calming effect on the body. Art, Dance, and Music will calm a person's nervous system, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety or improve depressive symptoms, and grief, reduce stress, and improve social-emotional skills.



Art Therapy will help improve your child'sself-esteemsocial skillsanger managementconflict resolution and acts of kindnessEach session will be personalized for each child and families needs.​ 

​Experience working with:

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Divorce

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma

  • High functioning spectrum disorders

  • Special needs and learning disabilities

  • Adoption and attachment support

  • Parenting tips

  • Playful approaches to stress situations

  • Mindful communication

Child/Adolescent- (50-min) $250

Family Therapy-(90-min) $300

(3 or more members)

Home Visits -(90 min) $450

Telehealth - (50-min.) $150

Social Skills group-(50-min.) $100

Friendship Groups

  • Meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

  • (Ages 7-11 years old).

  • Children will learn creative coping skills, process feelings, learn and experience fun therapeutic art directives.

  • Group discussions and topics addressed • Self-awareness • Self-esteem • Sensitivity to others • Peer relations • Violence/anger • Bullying • Family issues • Behavior • Academic achievement 


Space is limited to 4-6 members. If you are interested please text 310-740-7521

Insurance is not accepted. However, upon request, a Superbill can be provided each month to be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Individual Sessions 
Sessions are 50 once a week or as needed, at a regular time agreed upon.  Should you arrive late, the session will still finish 50 min from scheduled start time. 


All cancellations require 24 hours notice before appointment time.

If it is possible we can re-schedule the session for another time and day.  If not the fee for the missed session is payable at full amount and credit card will be billed. 


Questions? Please 310-740-7521 for further information.

Cash, Check, Visa/MasterCard, Venmo

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 Dr. (h.d.) Lauryn J. Hunter ATR-BC, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #91647

Board Certified Art Therapist ATR #10-178


Hunter Therapy Family Counseling

903 4th Street Unit C

Santa Monica, CA 90403


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